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Why We Use Webflow

Written by
Maddison Manente

At MadPop, we use Webflow to create websites for our clients. Let's dive into why MadPop uses Webflow over other popular tools such as Wordpress, Wix, Squarespace, and Showit.

Control Over Code

Webflow gives us website designers and developers the amount of control that we would have if we were writing the code from scratch, without the bugs, cryptic errors, and site-breaking typos that inevitably come up when writing code manually.


Accessibility goes deeper than making sure someone who's colorblind can read your site. Many accessibility best practices need to be implemented at the code level to make a difference for disabled people. For MadPop, being able to have a high-level of control over the code of the sites we create means that we can make our sites highly accessible.

Responsive Web Design

A website that looks fantastic on a laptop or desktop screen often turns out to be unreadable, weird looking or even unnavigable on a smartphone or tablet when the transition from the wide and large dimensions of the computer window to the narrow and small dimensions of a smartphone isn’t properly defined. Unlike a traditional canvas, websites are viewed in various dimensions. This means they require an underlying structure to define how an element is placed, often through written code or code-based controls like in Webflow.

Easy for Clients to Update Content

Webflow has two different modes: Designer and Editor. The Designer Mode gives us designers powerful code-level control of the sites we create, but isn’t incredibly intuitive for someone who doesn’t need all the bells and whistles. That’s where the Editor Mode works wonders! 

The Editor Mode gives clients all the functionality they need to update their site (replacing photos, editing a sentence, even adding a new blog post) but in a simple, structurally indestructible environment. Unlike when using the Designer, when clients use the Editor, they don’t need to worry about breaking their site when all they want to do is change the heading of one of their pages. Plus it’s really intuitive! With the Editor, all they need to do is hover over any content on the site they wish to swap or revise, click the icon that appears on the corner, and make the necessary changes.


Webflow’s services, and therefore your Webflow site, are built to run reliably and be protected with the highest standards from security threats like cyberattacks, something that you definitely cannot take for granted with other web design tools.

Why not Wordpress?

Without getting into any industry jargon, in order to get the same level of security and functionality on a Wordpress site as Webflow has as is, designers and developers need to install countless third party plugins, many of which are paid. This not only adds to the complexity and necessary monthly maintenance of the site which can be confusing, timely, and costly, but actually can introduce extra vulnerabilities to the site. Not great.

In Conclusion

MadPop chooses to use Webflow to build our clients’ sites because it allows us to deliver high quality and highly secure websites to our clients while also giving our clients a simple and safe way to make changes on their own.

Sold on Webflow?

MadPop would love to design an outstanding Webflow site for your business!